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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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TPOL Endorses Biden

Endorsement is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report.

Four years ago I voted for Trump because of corporate tax reform and to get rid of the illegal ACA mandate. Since that time, I moved to Puerto Rico which solved my tax problem and now I pay for private health care at a reasonable rate. As this is first and foremost a travel blog, I will focus on two reasons why I can’t vote for that fool again.

  1. I want to travel. I’ve never seen anyone handle something so poorly and lie about it so brazenly. I wrote about how bad this pandemic could be way back in February (see Travel Or Stay Inside? TPOL’s Thoughts on Coronavirus) and caught hell for it. The good news is that the COVID deniers no longer comment, though I’m sure they still read the blog (see Social Distance Yourself from Misinformation). The bad news is that being right means a life of living in my basement (see Back on Lockdown in Puerto Rico) for fear of the unknown (see Thanks Donald! My COVID Test in Puerto Rico). While golf is fun and I like the island life, I miss the filth and grime of big cities. A year ago I was returning from Shanghai. Now, I can only fantasize about going back (see Recap! TPOL in Shanghai). This is no way to live.
  2. I want to be respected in the world. The President calls countries shithole nations, but it is America that is a joke. I was fine being called The Ugly American. Now, everyone feels sorry for us. This is no way to live.

In April, I wrote Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Thoughts on the Second Covid Wave. Given the travel restrictions, I have no choice but to stay. It’s Donald Trump that has to go.

two bottles of beer on a towel on the beach
I’ll trade beach for busy.


  1. Who cares for whom you are voting? I thought this was a travel blog and not part of the political echo machine. Bye bye, never to be read again.

    • I’m not voting James. Read the actual post. I live in Puerto Rico. And again, you saw the title and chose to click on it. Who cares if you ever read again? I don’t.

    • Also curious how you ended up on this site, on this page and are surprised that it’s about politics. Seems like the title gave it away. It’s not like I wrote, “200k Amex sign up bonus” and then the content was lockhimup!

  2. Hey, these are an interesting two reasons why you can’t vote for Trump again (desire to travel, avoiding embarrassment). Is there a third reason which has to do with the number of Electoral College delegates apportioned to Puerto Rico?

    Sorry about the circumstances.

    Pivot to posting deals on N95 respirators? Grainger is selling Honeywell N95s at $50.38 shipped for a 20 pack (to mainland).

  3. I came here to read you whine about Michigan football. I don’t want to hear about politics!

    You’ll be better off without the snowflakes you melted today.

  4. I understand if you have big policy differences with Trump (like not supporting gun rights, free speech, religious freedom, economic freedom=low taxes, less regulation, less bureaucracy, American jobs, American manufacturing & energy jobs, trade reform with China & Mexico, and ending illegal immigration), but the 2 reasons you gave for not voting for Trump are very nonsensical and comical.

    If you don’t see that rona has been overhyped the moon by institutionalist bureaucrats/politicians/liberal academics and used as a pretext to grow government power over our lives, I don’t think anything can help you. Governors shutting down their states in March for 2 weeks may have been reasonable given the alarm, but letting it continue into 2021 in many of them is criminal. Don’t believe the media hype. It’s all political and designed to undermine the truth that rona is very serious for the very elderly in nursing homes and those who suffer severe chronic health conditions, but outside of those rona is no more serious than a minor case of the flu and 95% of people who get it have no symptoms. When millions of people poured into the streets in protests and riots, COVID magically was not a concern for the media or politicians in liberal states. However, 20 people worshipping in a church is a serious threat to safety and public health. Let’s get real.

    Your second gripe places too much concern over being liked by people that don’t matter and don’t contribute to your life in any way. Why would you care what people in China, Yemen, Peru, or Luxembourg think about Trump or America under Trump. You should care about if the actual policies pushed by Trump are overall helpful to the America publish. I certainly don’t think someone living in the middle of China gives too much concern about how people 10,000 miles away think of their government,

    • You sound like a paid for by Trump ad. Here’s reason #3: I don’t want to hear these bullshit talking points and lies for 4 more years. I just want to be left alone. I thought that was the point of being Republican.

      • Being left alone to live your life without government interference means lower taxes, less regulations, policies that don’t hurt business or jobs, free speech, school choice, religious freedom so you can live your life as you choose, and freedom to defend yourself and your family via the 2A.

        Biden does the exact opposite of what you claim to want. His party wants to push restrictions on religious freedom, grow government power over our lives, destroy energy independence, make everything more expensive, destroy the suburbs and peace & tranquility, raise taxes & sell out the country to China and Mexico.

        All the commotion from the last 4 years is done by the liberal media, academia, bureaucrats, and politicians. You need to grow up. Your mind is stuck at toddler level. You are worried about what someone in China or Indonesia thinks of America? You are ok with selling out the country just so it can be all smiles from the media and globalists.

        • Everything you said is inapplicable Again, I live in Puerto Rico. The only risk to my perfect life is statehood. That’s when I move to st thomas.

          And destroy the suburbs? What exactly does that mean?

          Hyatt Globalist? I’m back to discoverist thanks to Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

  5. Posting political bullshit on your site is hardly the best strategy “to be left alone.” As for travel, Basement Biden thinks the lockdown isn’t harsh enough!

      • This is what’s illogical. I understand if you liked Biden’s policies better based on ideology, however, you seem to think that somehow the government doesn’t leave you alone now but will with a Biden Presidency. Do you honestly believe that Biden doesn’t want to grow govt. power, doesn’t want to raise taxes, doesn’t want to regulate the economy to death, doesn’t want to confiscate guns, doesn’t want to get rid of cheap gas, doesn’t want to force people to get vaccines or wear a mask by threat of arrest? All of these things is not being “left alone” by the government.

        • @ Jackson — You are typical ignorant Trump voter. ALL Trump does is lie. That is really all anyone needs to know in deciding who to vote for. Forget the details. Someone who lies continuously cannot be the right person to run an ice cream truck, much less the most powerful country in the world.

  6. I truly don’t get the people commenting that are pissed off because the post was about politics. Are you folks really that delicate and thin-skinned? Do you block a TV channel just because a campaign commercial came on during the commercial break? (obviously not…)

    So come on, let’s all get with the program and be normal, mature human beings here.

    • I agree and would like to take add a few points. First, there’s no bylaw that says I can only talk about travel. I like talking politics and college football and have done so in the past and will continue to do so. Second, why would someone click and upset himself when he can clearly see it’s a post about politics (on a travel blog). Finally, I am fully aware that I am posting a politics post on a travel blog and that I will get this reaction. So when I hear, “you just lost a reader,” it’s not like I’m surprised. That is all.

  7. Gee…wonder if, back in 2016, these same angry commenters would have been so riled up about your political opinions had you mentioned your support for Trump. Just sayin…

  8. LOL–I love all the people freaking out about the political commentary on a travel blog… probably the best way to get clicks (and clicks = $). Well done!

  9. You can’t even vote for President if you live in Puerto Rico, unless of course you are cheating by voting in a state you don’t live in anymore.

  10. As an Austrian and not one who particularly likes Trump as a person, my opinion on US elections is pretty meaningless just like billions of others around the world that don’t vote in US elections. With that said, I place most of the blame on the American public rather than Trump. No question the Trump administration dropped the ball with it and it’s well known but Americans in general, liberal or conservative, have really screwed up with this “Covid won’t hurt me” because it’s just a little cold and statistically speaking most have a great chance of survival with little affect to them. However, to many others it’s deadly and there’s just a disconnect. Replace Trump with Biden and I don’t care what you think or say people will go on with their lives regardless who sits in the Oval Office. Before one leaves their house they’ll think “Oh president Biden is taking this serious! I really shouldn’t go to this party.” Said no one ever. It comes down to the American public to make the effort no matter who’s in charge. This also applies to the people of all countries. Now that Biden won the election we’ll see how things go but of course it sounds like there’s now a vaccine coming soon just in time for Biden to take the credit.

      • I would think the person that has the most to gain which would be in the incoming administration as Tom suggested. That’s how taking credit works — it favors the one taking it. How was that not clear? You’re not very bright, are you?

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