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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Thoughts on the Second Covid Wave

At the end of February I canceled my flight to San Diego because of Covid. I wrote Travel Or Stay Inside? TPOL’s Thoughts on Coronavirus followed by Thank You American Airlines: Coronavirus Waiver and Thank You Delta: Coronavirus Waiver. Read the critical comments of those who thought I was overreacting. I haven’t heard back from those people who said that Covid was a hoax, that I was ruining the economy by not traveling, and how getting coronavirus isn’t worse than the flu. I’m guessing that they are out protesting that they have to stay home even though they are out protesting without being detained. Read that a second time to appreciate their stupidity and then heed my advice by Social Distancing Yourself from Misinformation.

I initially thought that I would not travel until of spring of 2021. I am beginning to waver on that not because I feel like going on vacation (see What’s a Travel Blog Without Travel?), but because I am not confident that the United States will be the safest place to be when the second wave hits. To date, we have done a horrific job testing, have no plan on how to carry out contact testing, and as mentioned above, have to tolerate the dodo birds who are adamant that opening the bowling alleys is good for the economy. “We’ve flattened the curve, now let’s go to the barbershop!” Can someone explain to these simpletons that hiding indoors doesn’t create immunity?

It doesn’t help that we have the most incompetent person in the history of humanity leading us to our demise. Meanwhile, healthcare workers, delivery drivers, and those workers deemed ‘essential’ do not have protection despite how essential they are. No worries, Trump is going to put on an airshow to show his appreciation of their efforts. How about using that money to arm these essential workers with PPE instead?

This brings me back to the fall when the CDC (known as the Center for Deepstate Conspiracies among the crazies) believes that Covid will return along with the seasonal flu. The result may be worse than this first wave, especially if we continue with this strategy based on Trump’s gut feeling and an absence of leadership by anyone in the federal government. The 535 people who control 1/3 of the power of this country are taking social distancing too far by not failing to recognize that they are essential workers and they need to show up to work.

As a result of this pathetic spectacle and tragic debacle, I am considering a departure from the US in the early fall for a length of time to be determined. I don’t want to be stuck inside under 24-hour lockdown again (see Puerto Rico’s Coronavirus Crackdown: Justified Or Unconstitutional?). Right now Taiwan (Taiwan’s coronavirus response is among the best globally) and Germany (A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low) are on top of the list, if they’ll have me. In normal times of crisis, the last place I would want to be is out of the US. These aren’t normal times.

Make America Safe Again.

a sign on a wall
Lucky’s Apartment in Taipei has taken on a new meaning.


  1. I love the way everyone is talking about COVID19 “coming back” Um, it isn’t gone. If people prefer to live in delusion, let them. The “second wave” in the US wont be in the fall, it will be in about 6 weeks. Idiots.

    Leaving the US probably isn’t a good plan. Other countries do not want us. Leaving PR for a smart state like CA, now that would be a better move.

  2. Someone should take your keyboard away. It’s just… barely readable.

    I’m flying… today… for fun. Surprise!
    Just like last week, and the week before. Shocker huh And you know what? Because of cheap fares, I have 5 more domestic trips planned in the next – 5 weeks.

    Whatever weird political stance you occupy – this has nothing to do with a president or a government.
    It has everything to do with the herd mentality of citizens who now have the electronic connectivity to BEG for safety – at any cost, to their leaders, government officials, peers, etc.

    You’re witnessing group think at a level that humanity hasn’t seen since the 1940s.

    You aren’t going to escape this stupidity in any other country, unfortunately. It’s a human trait, being magnified by confirmation bias (mostly experienced for people via social media), and the bandwagon effect of 24/7 media coverage that makes money by scaring people.

    So, uhm, I’m moving abroad in August for 8 months, but… not to get away from the USA, but to explore the world and enjoy traveling – because traveling is awesome.

    I’m also traveling… every single week here in the USA – because it’s a free country still (mostly), and no one can stop me.

    Maybe instead of casting blame on easy targets – as a person with a blog, you might do some deeper thinking about the issues at hand – apply some logic and critical reasoning – and try to write more balanced pieces that actually contribute to the greater discussion at hand.

      • Great comment, really adds to the discussion.

        Since you’re going there…

        For what it’s worth – I am voting for Trump in 2020.
        I have, never ONCE voted Republican.
        Not once.
        Never imagined it, actually.

        But, I really like what Trump has done. I see a real leader. Not a bureaucrat who bows to the public. I see a leader who was elected by the people, and is making hard decisions that he thinks are best.

        I see a strong leader, who doesn’t wilt under pressure.
        He’s funny, charismatic, and he gets things DONE.
        He communicates very well, and directly to the people.

        I could do without his moral baggage (divorces, etc), but, he’s quite powerful and gets the job done. He’s really inspiring in a lot of ways.

        Again, I’ve never voted for Republicans.

        For me, he is easily one of the best Presidents in a long line of losers (Reagan and Clinton probably being the last decent ones, but Clinton’s morals were even worse than Trump’s).

        So, I would say, we disagree 100%. I think history will show him to be one of the most influential presidents in the last 50 years. I am very hopeful he will be reelected and keep our country on the right track.

        I think the sooner people like yourself stop saying things like ‘he’s the worst president in history’ – you might find people listening to you again.
        But, until you stop name calling and being weird about it, a lot of people like me can’t stand the left anymore – we’re switching sides for now until you guys figure out how to bring people together and not divide anymore.

        • Just want to clarify. Your definition of bringing people together is building a wall, as well as being racist and sexist. Telling the american public how he has a feeling? Lets not even go the hydroxychloroquine he was touting a few weeks ago. Fox news, which I KNOW you watch and the WH has forgotten about that now. You are an ignorant person. Lets not forget Chinese-virus? So much ignorance. Finger pointing, and he is 100% right 100% of the time.

    • I’m sure you’re having a great time travelling around a closed country and looking at people as they sit at home with masks on.

  3. I used to really enjoy this blog but it’s becoming harder to like it. If I wanted politics I’d go watch the news but I get that you are entitled to run your blog the way you like. Basically a flu virus like Covid19 will never go away. We may never have a vaccine or even a good contact test for it. Will there be a second wave in 6 weeks? Maybe but it will likely come back next flu season just like MERS, SARS or the many virus types out there. That is why when you go for a seasonal flu shot (you do don’t you?) they tell you that they have released the best known vaccine but it may not stop all flu virus types however it will stop some and should lessen some others. So there will be 2nd waves, 3rd waves, 10th waves of this virus. At some point you can decide to stay at home in isolation or go travel in public and risk catching something which is likely.

  4. The responses to this article are an excellent confirmation of the fact that we have so many people living among us that have strong convictions about what they believe is correct about the pandemic (or a hoax.)

    All of these commentators have one thing in common: They refuse to read and accept research, scientific interpretation and analysis based on people working in the area of medicine, infectious diseases, and other health professionals. They continue to make decisions about what’s going on today solely based on personal sentiments, personal interpretations and use them as basis for “I’ll believe what I want to believe.”

    There is a reason why we have developed things like, science and invest our energy developing areas of medicine. Use it. In April 2020, saying things like it’s just another flu is simply untrue, but I’m sure you won’t believe be either. I encourage you to read journals, articles and other sources if you are so allergic to mass media reporting.


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