Marriott Sanya: A Perfect Compromise


Marriott Sanya Hotel Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Initially, I couldn’t find a place to stay in Sanya (see Sanya, China: Struggling To Find Where to Stay). I ended up staying everywhere including:

The best of all of them was the Marriott Sanya.

Hotel Itself

This is a lavish property.

Beach Compromise

There was not a beautiful beach like the Sheraton, but there was a view of the water. If you’re coming for the surf, this will have to do.


There was a huge pool that I had all to myself. I was able to share it with many of my inflatable friends.


Status usually goes a far way in Asia.


Status leads to lounge access. In Asia, that access usually means good food and drinks.


Status also includes breakfast.


I would stay at the Marriott because of its location and because of the pool. I would stay somewhere else for a beach as I did during this trip.


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