Brussels Airlines THE LOFT Lounge: Buffet of Beers


Brussels Airlines Lounge Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

There are lavish lounges like Cathay in Hong Kong and Emirates in Dubai. The champagne bar in The Wing makes the Cathay one of my favorites. While not as fancy as those, The LOFT Lounge in BRU is a contender because of the beer selection.

One of my favorite beers is Leffe Brune. A close contender favorite is Stella. Another is Hoegaarden. Occasionally, I will have a Leffe Blonde. Besides flavor, these Belgium beers are special because each come in a unique glass. At THE LOFT, all of these beers are on draft, and there is not a shortage of glasses. Even better, there is no first call. It was 9AM and I could sample all of them for breakfast.

Pouring directions

Initially the Hoegaarden was tapped out

Great water selection as well

The rest of the lounge is quite good. There are plenty of places to sit and a Lexus made of chocolate. Unfortunately, it is not available for consumption. That would have been nice as the breakfast selection was not appetizing.

Unlike the Polaris Lounge at EWR, the LOFT provides a sleeping room with a bed that is not a lawn chair. If I weren’t in such a rush (see Relax, Gate Info Coming), I would’ve Pumba’d under the stars.


It was worth enduring garbage Polaris to connect in BRU for some brus.

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