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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Wide World of Sports: The Best of Where I’ve Been

I am running out of stuff I want to do in life (see I’ve Done Too Much, Now What?), especially in the world of sport. While I have been to many sports events around the world (see The Stadium Guide), these are the highlights in order of greatness:

  1. The 2004 NBA Finals (Pistons beat the dreadful Lakers in Game 5). In the Pistons Blue & White, tonight, Chauncey! Ba Ba Billups!
  2. The 1998 Rose Bowl (Michigan beat Washington State to claim the national championship).
  3. The 2002 NHL Western Conference Finals (Red Wings blanked the dreadful Avalanche 7-0, forcing Patrick Roy into retirement).
  4. The Game in Columbus in 2016 (Michigan was robbed by the refs, contributing factor was Harbaugh’s stupidity (see The Game: A Wolverine’s Guide For Surviving Columbus)).

    When it appeared Michigan was in control
    Who reverses on 4th and 1 short call? Crooked refs, that’s who.
  5. The Final Four in 2013 and 2018 (Michigan lost to Louisville, title since vacated (see Final 4 Free). Michigan lost to Villanova (see Final Four San Antonio: Go Blue! Left Blue)).

    a basketball game in a stadium
    The Road Ended There. Now we have terrible Juwan Howard. Bring Back Beilein.
  6. The Big House in 2004. (Michigan comes back to beat little brother after being down 17 in the 4th (see The Best Sports Stadiums: The Big House)). Picture 003 (Copy)
  7. El Clásico! in 2023 (see El Clásico! Tickets, Game, Pre & Post Libations Guide).

    a man standing on a railing in a stadium with a football field and a football field
    They lost, I still won.
  8. The World Cup in Pontiac, Michigan in 1994 and The World Cup in Doha, Qatar in 2022 (see Coupe du Monde Trip Report).

    a man in a sports uniform in a stadium
    Representing Iraq in Qatar.
  9. A Bullfight in Madrid (see A Range of Emotions). a bull in a arena with a man in a red cape
  10. The World Baseball Classic in 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico (see Kenny Powers’ Stadium). 2017-03-09 19.33.59


How can life be better you ask? Looking back, Michigan could have won some of those games. Looking forward, the Bills (or Lions) could go to the Super Bowl and I could receive free tickets on account of my celebrity status (see Bills Lose, But Who Can Afford Super Bowl Tickets?). Beyond that wishful thinking, I am satisfied for this lifetime.



  1. Traveling for sporting events is the best. I’ve been fortunate enough to be at game 6 of the NBA playoffs when Kawhi and Toronto knocked off Milwaukee to advance to the NBA finals. The street party was epic.
    Last year it was a bucket list to watch TBDBITL dot the I when Ohio State played Notre Dame at the Shoe, and my son and I caught game 5 of the NBA finals at the Chase Center. We’ve caught baseball games in Oakland, Wrigley, Yankee, Petco, and T-Mobile in Seattle.
    Next year… The Olympics in Paris… YEAH!

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