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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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The Best Sports Stadiums: The Big House

Care for some trivia? Where is the largest stadium in the world?

If you guessed the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan you would be wrong. The largest is the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea with a capacity of 150,000. Second to the Supreme Leader’s place is the home of the Wolverines which has a capacity of 107,601. Any guesses why there’s an extra one? It’s in honor of Fritz Crisler, the director of athletics at the time the stadium surpassed the 100k mark.

If you’re a fan of sport, you definitely must visit the Big House not because it’s home to the greatest team in the history of college football but for the sheer spectacle of seeing a venue pack in more people than the population of many cities.

The must see games are Michigan vs. our little brother, Michigan State and the bitter Buckeyes of Ohio. From the outside the stadium is majestic. It is not uncommon to witness the clouds opening and the sun to shine down on the stadium, a clear indication that God is a fan of the maize and blue. From the inside, it’s either pandemonium or the quietest 100,000 people you’ve never heard. If you’re a neutral visitor looking to fit in, avoid wearing scarlet and gray and say Go Blue! no matter what.


DSC03873 (Copy)
The Main Entrance
IMG_1709 (Copy)
Divine Intervention
The Big House Remodeled
The Big House Remodeled
Michigan Loses to Notre shit 2005 (Copy)
The Tradition
Picture 003 (Copy)
The Triple OT Greatest Game I’ve Seen
Picture 004 (Copy)
Big House by Night
Picture 016 (Copy)
The Victors Valiant
Picture 020 (Copy)
The Old Press Box
DSC00595 (Copy)
DSC00608 (Copy)
The Rivalry
The Shirt Says It All





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