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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Final 4 Free

Traveling for sporting events is one of the best reasons to travel. However, when your Detroit Lions make the Superbowl and it isn’t held in Detroit (horrible idea to have it in a cold weather city) you will find yourself scrambling for airline tickets that costs hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

So what will you do, miss your once in a lifetime chance to see your beloved Wolverines make the Final Four?

Surely not.

Last year, Michigan came out of nowhere lead by College Player of the Year Trey Burke to make it to the Final Four in Atlanta. After putting the beat down on the Syracuse Orange, Michigan faced Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals for the championship.

Only you weren’t there to see it. Don’t end up in a road side ditch, switch to DirectTv.

Sorry, just seeing if you were reading. I looked for tickets and found a roundtrip for $800. I checked Southwest and found those prices to be crazy high as well.

Out of options, I was about to give up when I realized that I had a stash of British Avios that can be redeemed on American Airlines for next to nothing with no extra fees for last minute booking.

My ticket ended up being a manageable $5 for 2 of the legs and I came out of pocket for the others. All in all it cost $150 to get to Atlanta.


So this year, if your team is playing (meaning you are from Michigan as it will be a Umich v. MSU final) and your points are right, you too can watch Michigan redeem itself to become national champions!

Otherwise, I hope you have Comcast cable as your dish will probably not get reception in that subfrozen tundra known as the Great Lakes State.

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