Ethiopian Airlines Coach ADD-NBO: When Coach Is Better Than Business


The Ethiopian Airlines Coach ADD NBO Flight Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

I’ve already chronicled the worst flight I’ve ever taken. It was Ethiopian Business from JNB to ADD. Now, I’ll describe the same Ethiopian 737 product from ADD to Nairobi, and how it was a much better experience even though it was in coach.

The Music
Remember that horrible boarding music on the last flight? This one had more rhythm.

The Seating
Bulkhead or recliner business? I preferred being on the right side of the plane in economy over the horribly uncomfortable business class seat.

The Food
The economy food wasn’t that bad. It was chicken and rice.

The Duration
The flight to Nairobi was only 2 hours. Still, I could’ve endured more in this seat than the 5.5 hours in business in the previous flight.

Enjoy your business class suckers!

I’ll take coach over business on a 737 any day, especially if it’s in the bulkhead seat or economy plus.

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