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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Laptop Broken Again: TPOL Dead

Your wish has come true. TPOL has quit writing until his tenth Lenovo ThinkPad is fixed. Readers will recall that this is not the first or fourth time this has occurred (see And Now My Laptop Is Broken from March 2017). It hasn’t been two years, and now this one is acting up. Specifically, the WiFi adapter is broken, and the only way to fix this hardware problem is to send it in to Atlanta or to find an authorized repair company in Puerto Rico.

Of course, Lenovo’s stupid website has every place in the world listed for repairs except PR. I chatted with a rep who was too ignorant to know that I’m in the US and could not help me find a place to take my laptop. Mind you, if this were New York, I could take it to Bestbuy (though last time I did, they said they couldn’t fix the speakers). There’s a Geeksquad and Bestbuy in San Juan! Maybe I’ll just go there. Worst case is that I’ll purchase a WiFi adapter, an item that was out of stock at the local Walmart. Either way, I’m not posting until this is fixed. Mobile posting with ignorant auto correct on my S9 is no way to live. And my trusty BlackBerry? Half the buttons don’t work.

Serenity never. Screw you Lenovo.



  1. I love my Lenovo but it might be time to just move on. Buy a super cheap laptop and get on with it. They are disposable much like cell phones. If you get 2 years of hard use feel lucky.

  2. They don’t build them like they used to. My first one was rock solid. So I got the X1 carbon touch. Went through 2 motherboards and is now an expensive paper weight. Moved onto a dell XPS 13.

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