And Now My Laptop Is Broken


Nothing like having your laptop screen go out with no way to fix it. External monitor did not work neither did tossing the computer across the room. 

Lenovo’s new laptop is on backorder and I refuse to buy an Apple. This will interrupt my plan to catch up on trip reports. 

And now for my anger at Lenovo. In 2005, I bought an X40 Tablet. That broke. Then I got the X41 Tablet, also broke. Then there was the X240- may it rest in peace. Then I got the X1 Carbon, dead as of today. 

I’ve had a ThinkPad way back when it was IBM. Like my Blackberry, I can’t give up the keyboard despite it being terrible at everything else. 

So Lenovo, if you’re reading, I expect you to help out a loyal customer by salvaging the hard drive of my old laptop and by standing by your latest and greatest laptop. 

All I have left is my external keyboard.



    • A month ago, I lost all my data when I tried to restore it to factory settings. I used a program to scrape my hard drive and backed it up on an external drive. There’s not much on there now except for a few pictures and some legal documents. Still, not acceptable! Lenovo is a Chinese company now. And let’s not forget that when I landed in HKG my power cord stopped working. Get me a new laptop Lenovo, I deserve it.

  1. I agree with you about apple products. There are blind loyalist but Apple has its own set of issues.

    Get an external hard drive case and throw your old hard drive in that to see if it works long enough to salvage the data.

    Get a new laptop. Check out the Yoga laptops that Lenovo makes. My company computer is a full Lenovo laptop but for travel my yoga is awesome. I have a low end yoga but it still works great. Gives you a physical key board and you can use it in tablet mode like say under 10,000 feet during takeoff. It’s worth a look. Oh and make sure to get a laptop with a solid state drive, it’s 2017.

    After traveling all over the world as a fairly heavy hardcore laptop user for years I promise that the average laptop life span is about two years. Anything above that is bonus. With newer SSD and tablets you might expect three years.

    I’m also a blackberry lover but it’s time to move on I’m afraid. Get an Android phone because Apple will “brick” an iPhone after a couple years with system updates even if you don’t manage to drop it and break it. You’ll get used to the touch keypad on the phone. Like Goose dying in Topgun. Maverick managed to move on. He hated flying without Goose but he had to rengage.

    • Lol. I have Samsung s7 edge in addition to blackberry. And I’m waiting for x1 carbon with 1 tb ssd. They currently only sell 256 and it ships in more than 5 weeks. I’m not sold on this cloud crap for my files. Google photos sucks compared to picasa but Google stopped supporting that software. I see no progress in technology!

  2. I also love Lenovos. Mainly because I haven’t had the experience you had. I still have an X200 which has a mouse pointer only.

    I use to repair Lenovos in college. They are built so we’ll (or at least were).

  3. I was a loyal ThinkPad user for well over a decade (since they were actually made by IBM), and absolutely confident that my laptop was the best available, until I realized that my laptops were all having quality issues such as what you are describing. I also had a problem with even considering switching over to Apple, until I got tired of sacrificing for the sake of nothing, and allowing my brain to make the absolutely unavoidable determination that the Apple laptops are better in every way. My advice to you — and my own self 3 years ago — is to get over it, go to the Apple store, and prepare to be amazed with how much your laptop experience can be improved.

    • Ms TPOL has apple. Used it. No thanks and she has other problems. Imac was the worst thing i bought when i was in law school. And chrome book is a child’s computer. Things should work properly. Dyson should make a laptop.

  4. I’m in the same boat. Laptop ssd fried in raid 0 lost everything that wasn’t backed up.

    I paid almost 2k for my Asus ux301, by far one the more nicely designed laptops. I’m still at a dilemma as to if I should replace the adds for 400 or if I should move on to bigger and better things…. I was thinking of the X1 yoga , x1 Carbon.

  5. Here is the thing, you’re talking about Apple fan boys, not realizing you’re a Lenovo fan body (no offense), but every one of your thing from them broke.

    I had a Lenovo, was my last PC, was a POS.

    My MacBook air is 4.5y without a problem, my MacBook pro is .5y without a problem, girlfriend’s 2 Macs no problems.

    Old iMacs were POS, but the new ones are great and honestly after the windows 8 came out, that was the end of that. Plus 4.5y without a virus or slowdown.

    I hate they are so expensive, but they last.

  6. Also I don’t have an iPhone and still have a blackberry along with my Nexus 6p, do not a fan boy, but the computers so work great

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