Lisbon, Portugal: Send Me There, Please!


Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two cities, one ranked the highest according to Nomad List and the one ranked at the bottom of the list.

I don’t ask much from my readers. I don’t push credit cards. I don’t reveal churning/ms secrets. And I try to be nice to trolls.

In return, I am asking you to vote for Lisbon, Portugal for where I should live in December. The others on the list are too secluded from civilization. I’ve paid my dues by living in Michigan, Mongolia, and Montana. Now, I would like to have some fun.

Portugal please!

Chim votes for Lisbon, you should too.


  1. “I don’t reveal churning/ms secrets” LOL. Except on CNN. So other than a program literally aired all over the world, you don’t reveal secrets.

    • Lol. If you actually watched the interview then you’d know that you’re assertion has no merit. And if you read my series on a frequent miler you’d realize I’m the champion of the consumer.

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