Bill Pay Sundays: Who Doesn’t Love Key Lime Pie?


Bill Pay SundaysEvery Sunday, TPOL peddles for money by promoting products that I use and recommend to my readers. In exchange, I get paid a referral fee. Today’s product is MuscleEgg, the best source of protein for getting in shape. 

I like trying out MuscleEgg’s different flavors. To date, the best one is Chocolate Caramel. Chocolate is also good. Fruit cereal? Not so much. 

This month when you use the promo code ‘LIME20’ you’ll receive 20% off of that flavor. But how does it taste? If you love Key Lime Pie then you will love this flavor. I’ve had it every day for breakfast. 

The fat from Tacos & Tequila are disappearing and the gains at the gym are starting to show. 

It may be pool season but now you can have that extra slice of pie and have no regrets. Only a few more weeks till Barbados and Trinidad. 

Wolverine power!

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