Miracle!!! No Air India For Me! 


Amazing! North Carolina wins its at the buzzer, sparing me from flying Air India.

Before I get to that celebration, let me give a quick recap: Ms. TPOL and I had a March Madness bet whereby the loser had to fly 17 hours in coach on Air India from SFO-DEL.

picked Michigan to win it all and they blew the game down the stretch to Oregon. She had Kansas who looked like a lock. Here was the leader board before yesterday’s games.

If Kansas would’ve won, I would be packing my neck pillow. I needed a miracle to bail me out i.e., Kansas had to lose.

To my surprise Oregon played a marvelous game and took out the favored Jayhawks.

On life support the day before, I entered today’s contest down by 8 possible points. More importantly, Ms. TPOL had 0 possible points remaining.

My fate rested in the outcome of North Carolina vs. Kentucky. The game went back and forth until North Carolina pulled ahead late. In March Madness fashion, UNC was called for a 5 second inbound violation, giving Kentucky life (and me death anxiety). The rest of the events are a haze. All I recall is pure elations moments later!

The final score of the game was 73-75 but the only score that mattered to me was this one:

Now the question is, how should we break the tie?

To quote Drake, “OT, OT, there’s never much love when we go to OT.”

To quote Drake again (referencing Air India), “I pray to make it back in piece.”

Wow, March Madness! Gotta love it.


  1. Why is it a tie? If the Mrs. had no points remaining, you can still win with a Carolina win in the final four or am I missing something.

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