TPOL’s Back!


So my laptop wouldn’t turn on and my Blackberry keyboard has gone crazy. This left me on the road with only my S7 and my ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard. After my laptop malfunctioned in Asia, I tried to publish posts using the WordPress app and found it to be too frustrating. Annoyed that this happened again, I gave up on blogging. I still wrote a bunch of drafts that need some grammar love. I apologize for the outage and hope to have production back to normal by the end of the week. I’m still waiting to get the new Lenovo but this temp laptop will have to do till then.



  1. let me know if you need my digits again homey!

    and….for real….send me the draft posts, and i’ll finalize ’em!

  2. i’m down, i’m downtown!

    and i’s can tell freestylin’ biotch! but i still gonna calls ya out when it comes to past participles and subjunctive tenses!

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