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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Still Working JetBlue Business Card Approval

I’ve been missing for 11 days. That’s a long time to go without blogging. Between the Puerto Rico move and work in NYC, I’ve neglected my main source of income. Jokes aside, this post is about my JetBlue Business card application which was initially rejected because I had too high a credit limit with Barclays. I called the credit department and agreed to shift my line of credit from a personal account to the business account. That did not result in approval. Instead, a special department called me to verify that the business was real. The analyst had one question: do you have a website? I referred him to, the consumer protection division of my law firm, and thought that would prove that I was not inventing a business. It did not.

I received this letter from Barclays asking for more information. After completing this post, I will fax over the requisite information. a close up of a document

Is all this work worth 40k TrueBlue points?



  1. Well surely you have all that stuff? You’re a lawyer, after all! What’s the BFD? 😉

    I’m always shocked when people say “The bank wanted x but I’d rather die than hand that over so I let them deny me/close accounts/murder my firstborn.” You either play the game or you don’t. No one is forcing you to churn.

    • Fair point. I sent it obviously. though I recall the days when I would visualize a new sign-up bonus and the card would appear in the mail.

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