Dragon NaturallySpeaking: A Cure For My Blogging Laziness?


Disclaimer: I don’t get paid to promote Dragon. I do enjoy complaining. 

TPOL has been on a blogging hiatus. I can say it’s because your favorite consumer protection attorney, Bachuwa Law, has been hard at work. While that is true, I have also found it hard to get motivated to write reviews. In an effort to Make Blogging Great Again, I have overdone it with my compulsion to document everything that I do. Out to a restaurant? Take pictures. Using the Park Hyatt NYC‘s toilet? Take notes. Having one too many shots? A few posts on Instagram early in the evening but then there’s no paper trail after that. Going out to cure my thirsty itch is about the only time that I take a break from thinking like a blogger and that only happens after I fade into blackout.

The next day I am overwhelmed by all that I have done. I feel a responsibility to review the hotel, the pho, and the restaurants and bars that led to debauchery. Inevitably, each time I decide to put off writing a post, a reader asks me for what there is to do in X city. That motivates me to stop shirking my responsibility as a blogger and resume writing. While I see no point in taking pictures of another Centurion Lounge that everyone has covered ad nauseum, I ask myself how the Trip Reports will be complete without my insightful analysis of the libations? Ego aside, where else will readers find this sarcasm? See what I did there?

The reality is that blogging takes a long time. The only shortcut thanks to my ghostwriter editor, Clifford, who’s journey on a bicycle around the world, landed him a speaking engagement at REI. If he gets famous and quits, be prepared for grammatical errors. In the interim, my latest tactic to expedite the posting process is to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software on my laptop in the hopes that speaking about the interior of another 737 won’t be as dreadful as trying to come up with new adjectives while writing about it. I considered purchasing the mobile app but do not see a situation where I’ll be comfortable talking aloud while on the go. I already feel awkward taking photos of strangers at a lounge. Imagine how weird I would be if I was talking about it simultaneously.

My blog reads like a newspaper because I write about many topics. From Golf Reviews to political rants, I cover it all. I’m a jack of all trades, and a master of more than one. It’s this modesty that keeps me from specializing in one area. This pride also paralyzes me from picking a focus which is why tools like Dragon may be necessary on days when I am too preoccupied to type.

Disclaimer: This post was typed not dictated. Blame Clifford for all errors. 

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