It’s Back! The World’s Longest Flight


Prepare your favorite clicking tool to hit refresh on According to Bloomberg, Singapore Airlines will relaunch the world’s longest flight from SIN to EWR on October 11th. The flight will take 19 hours and will be aboard an Airbus A350. The last time I flew an A350 was on Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Bangkok. That was a short haul flight. I’m sure availability will be next to impossible to come by, but maybe I can find something for the Christmas holiday. 19 hours of Singapore business? That sounds awesome!

It’s not first-class, but it’ll do.



  1. 19 hours on any plane in any class is a f******* nightmare. SQ business class is great. But never 19 hours NO thanks you

  2. Sitting on a plane for that long is not something you do to enjoy. It’s sonething you do because you have to do. I’ll take a nice hotel room , my bed or anywhere else. I love travel and make round the world trips several times per year. But anything over 14 gets ridiculous

  3. I’d want to sit far from my wife, as she’d claw my eyes out after that long without a cigarette. I’d be ok with it, though.

  4. SQ should include blood thinner as a option to go with the meal service ! DVT a real concern on a flight that long.

    • Decent attempt at humor. But here it’s back refers to the sq flight, not the notion of the world’s longest flight.

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