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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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It’s Thanksgiving…Without the Annoying Relatives

Singapore Airlines Suite Class really is the way to fly. You have your own room, your own endless flow of Krug Grande Cuvee champagne which I prefer much more to Dom Perignon, and way too much scrumptious food.

I have found that true luxury and peace of mind comes in the combination of one letter and three numbers- a380. This was true of my Emirates Shower Class flight and of my present time in the air. The Internet is a ripoff at $15 for 15MB making me yearn for my days of flying SWA. The lacking element of this flight is the unavailability of the World Cup at 38,000 feet as was the case on the Singapore First Class 777 flight.

Watching the Nigeria and Algeria game while enjoying luxuries that I do not deserve was worth the intrusion of not having my own suite. The dinners on both of these flights included lobster, caviar, rack of lamb- a bunch of photos I will upload at a later time when I do not have to worry about  bandwidth.  Capture

In the end, I am overfed, tipsy, and tired. But, unlike holidays I don’t have to deal with family drama, whining children, and who will be the designated driver- I have a decorated captain to take care of that.

Well it looks like I’ve burned through my data but I might as well pay a few dollars extras to finish this post then go to sleep till they serve Christmas breakfast.

Happy Holidays








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