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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

My Bag Is Where?

In the last ten days I flew 26,000 miles from the US to the Middle East to Shanghai to Bali to Singapore and back. I flew on Shower Class on Emirates and Suite Class on Singapore Airlines all without incident. Then stateside my good fortune ran out. While boarding a prop plane from Seattle to Great Falls, Montana, I had to check my carry on because the overhead bins were not large enough.

I arrived in Montana and heard the flight attendant announce that Alaska Airlines ‘Values your time and will award a $25 voucher or 2500 Alaska Miles if you have to wait more than 25 minutes to claim your bag.’

Exhausted from two days straight of travel, I went down to the baggage claim, where I proceeded to wait and wait and wait. The bag never showed up and I was told by an agent that it was accidentally sent to Helena, Montana- 85 miles away.

Tweets @AlaskaAir were never returned and hours later, I finally got my carry on bag. Bags do get lost from time to time but I found it remarkable with all my layovers, stopovers, taxi rides, motorbike adventures, I never lost anything but on one of the smallest, shortest flights, my bag was diverted.

The only thing left to do now is calculate the number of free miles Alaska owes me. Let’s see 25 minute delay=2500 miles so 4 hours delay equals…another free flight on Emirates?

Maybe I all I do is complain.

Stock photo from previous trip


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