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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Judgment Day

It’s judgment day today for my World Cup Expat dreams, the day I send off my passport to the Consulate of Mongolia to obtain my work visa.

Sending off my passport for visas, extra pages via agency or on my own always gives me anxiety.

1. Will my passport get lost in the mail? The OfficeDepot man suggested USPS so I ran out of there right away.

2. Did I fill out the application correctly? Are my passport photos too angry? Is my penmanship, that of a serial killer, going to delay the processing?

3. Where do I even send this application?

3. Will they process my application on time? Will it arrive at my house on time before I leave?

5. Do I have enough blank pages for the few countries I will visit before my migration?

I’ve already discussed at length my visa problems in Sudan and most recently MJ’s in China.

Judgment Day is here and I hope it goes well.



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