The World’s Best Pizza: Chicago Deep Dish Edition


Man has struggled with many profound questions throughout history: Is there life after death? What is the point of life? And where in the world can I find the best pizza? To the second, I say read the blog. For the final, I have to go city by city to determine the best pizza by locale. Otherwise, the answer to this question would be just as daunting as contemplating the first one posed.

To start The World’s Best Pizza Series, I have chosen Chicago because it’s where I originally conceived the idea. It does not necessarily mean that I believe that Chicago has the best pizza in the world.

Candidate #1: Chicago, Home of the Deep Dish

Since my belly simply couldn’t handle any more deep dish, I had to limit my assessment to three pizza places. These three were recommended by natives of Chicago so I feel confident in saying that they are among the best. As I’m sure I’m leaving others out, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below for the next time TPOL is in town.

#3. Beggars Pizza: It was a hike to get to Beggars but it was worth the effort. Their motto is ‘We Lay It on THICK’ and they weren’t lying. I wasn’t a fan of the cornmeal crust but the sauce was excellent. Since it took 40 minutes for the pizza to be prepared, I started off with some appetizers. That proved to be a costly mistake as I couldn’t consume more than two slices of pie.

Beggars Pizza
2 Apps is too many

2. Gino’s East Pizzeria: If you would’ve asked me twenty years ago what my favorite pizza was, I would’ve said Gino’s East. The sauce is spectacular and the deep dish is top shelf. This time I deviated from my usually pepperoni deep in favor of something else. While it was still excellent, I will not make that mistake again. Classics remain classic for a reason. DSC_0639 DSC_0640 DSC_0641

1. The Champion: Lou Malnati’s: The best pizza in Chicago is Lou Malnati’s. From the crust to the sauce to the pepperoni, this is by far my favorite pizza in Chicago. It went great with a salad and fine bottle of red. 2016-07-25 16.59.23 2016-07-25 16.22.32 2016-07-25 16.35.16

Since I love pizza, the World’s Best Pizza series will go on indefinitely. I just need to make sure I have a large enough sample size to write a fair review for each city I include on the list.


    • I like Giordano’s better than Lou Malnati’s. I’ve had a couple of pies shipped out to Cali, but they weren’t the same. Giordano’s is branching out… I had them in Orlando (near Sea World) two years ago and in Minneapolis in May.

      • I will have to check that place out but I won’t be going to Sea World! I’ve heard that the frozen ones never come out the same.

  1. Best pizza in the world??? You should have started with the best of the best. Naples, Italy!!! Then Rome, Italy and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yes, Sao Paulo. Italians are the largest immigrant group in the city and there are almost 10,000 pizza places in the city.

    • Wait, wait, wait. There’s been a misinterpretation. I am not saying that Chicago has the world’s best pizza. I’m saying that I’m writing a series of the best pizza for the places that I have been. I decided to start with Chicago. Ideally, when I travel everywhere (I am going to Naples in September) then I will be able to take the #1 pizza from Chicago and compare it to the #pizza from Naples and do a little tournament.

      • Since you are going to Naples here is what you need to check. I just came back from a 2 week family vacation in Italy and spent time in Rome and Naples. We had pizza in both places and I have to say both were simply amazing. I am Italian but born and raised in South America so I know how to appreciate a real pizza and not the terrible cheap whatever they call pizza here in the US.

        Here are my favorites that we tried during this trip:
        Pizza Emma – Via del Monte della Farina, 28 – We visited this place 3 times during our trip. Fantastic environment with amazing pizza. Mainly locals were there so that says how good the place is.
        Antico Forno Marco Roscioli- near Campo de Fiori
        Il Fornaio- Campo de Fiori
        Paneficio Lintozzi- Prati
        Pizzarium Bonci

        Di Mateo – Via dei Tribunali, 94 – Wow!!!!!!!! This place is spectacular. Not only for the amazing pizza but also for the other items like arancini, fiore de zucca, etc… A margherita pizza cost €3.50 and was enough for 2 people. Simply amazing but they keep the tradition from many years so expect a very simple place.
        Gino Sorbillo – Via dei Tribunali, 32 – This place is more trendy and there is a huge line outside the restaurant so be prepared for a long wait. Pizza was also fantastic and very cheap. They are more modern and market their place really well (there is signs about their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, etc… everywhere including on their plates).
        Brandi – Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo, 1/2 – The margherita pizza was invented here. It is a classic place in Naples but the pizza was not any different from the places above.
        Da Michele on Via Sersale, 13 – They make pizzas sine 1870. Enough said. 🙂
        Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba – Via Port’Alba, 18 – This is the oldest pizzeria in Italy.
        Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente on Via Tribunali, 120/121 – Famous since he invited President Clinton to eat in his place when he was visiting Naples.

  2. Best chain pizza maybe. There are several mom and pop hole in the walls serving better than any of these places can come up with.

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