SQ Reclaims KrisFlyer Miles


I was attempting to book a first class flight from Houston to Moscow on Singapore Airlines. Unfortunately, SQ flies a 777 from Houston and not the A380 but I think I can tolerate that. I kept receiving error messages when I attempted to make the reservation. First I assumed it was Barclays fraud department so I tried my Amex. That also was declined. The message I received said that my account was under review and someone would contact me within 3-5 days.

I called to figure out what was going on and was given the same message. Yesterday the call came. Apparently, I had received 5k SQ miles from a promotion two years ago. I have no recollection of this promotion but apparently it was only open to Australian residents.

The agent asked me to accept a 5k deduction from my account to bring it back into good standing. Now I’m waiting for my ThankYou points to once again transfer over (it took two days last time) in order to confirm the ticket that they’ve kindly placed on hold.

Who knew SQ would be such a stickler over 5k miles 2 years later? I can honestly admit that I don’t even remember the promo or the terms. I guess they could’ve been a lot tougher with me if they wanted to be.

No World Cup 777 entertainment this time
No World Cup 777 entertainment this time


  1. I temporarily moved to Australia in March of 2015 also. Shocking that IT traps have been put in place to capture this, even though validating CC billing country against KF account country not that difficult. And if this was only point of tracking, should be easy to circumvent the problem prior to redemption time. Thank you for the post!

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