Pho Saigon NYC: Only for the Spring Rolls


For my frequent readers, my modus operandi is clear: Have a couple of drinks, chat with the bartender, then ‘OK Google’ the terms ‘pho near me’. The reviews are meaningless as the highest rated pho spots still turn out to be a disappointment. This time Google told me to head Pho Saigon which is located at 987 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Since it was only two blocks away from my current location, I followed Google’s orders.

The Decor 

The place looked too nice from the outside and the inside which is inversely related to how good the bowl will be i.e., nice place=bad pho.

2016-06-08 18.55.39
Pho Saigon
2016-06-08 18.56.37
Champagne with pho?

The Chips

2016-06-08 18.57.44
Chips with pho?

The waiter brought over some Chinese style chips to hold me over until the spring rolls arrived. This is another red flag as Vietnamese restaurants typically do not do this.

The Spring Rolls 

2016-06-08 19.00.20

The spring rolls came and they were fantastically fresh. I’ve always maintained that there is no causal relationship between great spring rolls and great pho.

The Pho 

Looking at the pictures right now, I am confused as to why I didn’t think too much of the bowl. The meat was perfectly rare, the broth was reasonably clear, and the sprouts, jalapenos, cilantro, and onions were in abundant supply. What the pictures do not reveal is how bland the taste was. The noodles had no personality and the broth had no spark.

2016-06-08 19.05.26
Picture perfect
2016-06-08 19.06.49
But how would it taste?
2016-06-08 19.36.34
Good enough to finish but not to return

The search for decent pho in NYC continues. Or perhaps I should give up.


    • Yeah same here. It’s a Thai-Viet fusion and i was definitely skeptical. It was a cold January night and I needed some comfort food. They have Pho Bo and Bun Bo Hue, but BBH isn’t my style.

  1. Lol see my latest tweet, I always checking the spelling of tai because ‘cai’ in Chinese is food and that’s what came up..

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