Sonic Boom! Is The Concorde Back?


Yesterday, I wrote about the long journey getting to Singapore from New York without stopping. I’m talking about Singapore Airlines reintroducing world’s longest flight. If that sounds like a terrible option, consider flying aboard a Boom supersonic airplane. According to CNN Travel, this new supersonic jet will go from Los Angeles to Shanghai in only 5 1/2 hours. The good news is that the journey will be quick and will only cost $5000. The problem is that the concept is still in its early stages and won’t be ready for production for years.

The days of the Concorde may not be over. While the Concorde was the sexiest airplane in the sky, it faced many obstacles including the disturbance of the sonic boom. This new company has a different design that will reduce the disturbance of the sonic boom by using a Pinocchio design for the nose and broader wings. The plane will also have a glass ceiling so that passengers can look out and see the curvature of the globe. While flying to Shanghai, my favorite city in the world, in just five and a half hours seems like a compelling proposition, I wonder if I’ll miss my shower aboard Emirates. What do you think?

Ah Emirates, the best days.

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