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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Emirates Shower Class JFK-DXB: One More Time

This is the Emirates First Class JFK to DXB Flight Review which is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here.

One more time
We’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah, all right
Don’t stop the dancing

What else can go through your head as you board a first class flight on an Emirates A380? After the customary greetings and the initial glass of champagne, I settled into my seat and heard the announcement: the flight would be delayed due to an electrical issue at JFK. The good news was that adventure had yet to begin and I was already in heaven despite being on the ground. The bad news was that the Dom could not be opened until we were up in the air. The purser, Daniel from Ghana, came by in the interim to introduce himself and, as he would throughout the flight, make sure that we would want for nothing.

The Plane 

The A380 is a beautiful plane. It looks sweet and innocent from the outside but she truly is the queen of the sky. I couldn’t help but take photo after photo to pay tribute to her one-of-a-kind looks.

2016-04-30 11.24.59
The beautiful A380
2016-04-30 11.24.17
Then there’s Sun Country to Cancun
2016-04-30 11.21.50
One more for my dear

The Cabin 

Perhaps if you fly Emirates Shower Class all of the time you could be come desensitized to its opulence. I know I took the exact same pictures before but could not help take them again.

It's Gold Jerry! Gold!
It’s Gold Jerry! Gold!
2016-04-30 11.27.33
Selfie part 2
Touch to start
Touch to start
Pull up bar
Pull up bar
2016-04-30 11.27.54
An empty flight
2016-04-30 11.28.01
Do not disturb
2016-04-30 11.28.09
I started in 3K
2016-04-30 11.59.06
Then moved to the adjoining suite
2016-04-30 12.02.22
Best way for 2 to travel next to SQ double bed

The Drinks

Life should be in French. Champagne and cognac should be the only drinks consumed apart from Evian water. On Emirates, neither stop flowing.

2016-04-30 11.35.49
La Vie en Rose
2016-04-30 13.40.15
2016-04-30 13.01.37
Today’s Flight…will not be long enough

The Bar 

Last time I flew Emirates, I didn’t even head back to the border of business class and first class to check out the bar. I was having too much fun. Vanity is the only reason I did so this time i.e., I wanted a photo as the bartender.

Before we headed there, Daniel cautioned us that they did not have Dom at the bar. Moments later he returned with a full bottle to take back with us. What a guy!

2016-04-30 15.24.33
Rough going in business class
2016-04-30 15.24.38
That Hennessy

While trying to capture the perfect shot, I was told by the flight attendants that the captain had turned on the fasten seat-belt sign and was not amused by our bar antics. There’s a camera of the bar area that the captain monitors from the cockpit to make sure that no one gets out of line.

2016-04-30 14.27.29
This is the life

Seated with a full bottle of Dom and two glasses, I carefully popped the cork. I blame the elevation for the mess that I caused which explains this classy photo.

Turbulent Dom
I can't take you anywhere TPOL.
I can’t take you anywhere TPOL.
2016-04-30 14.33.58
Back to class

The Drinks 

Looking at the menu, I noticed Johnnie Walker Blue Label. I always order Blue Label where available because I would not buy it otherwise. After a couple Johnnies, I realized that I actually do not like Scotch no matter what color it is. I skimmed the menu to find my favorite drink, cognac also available. But this was not just a high-end XO cognac, this was Hennessy Paradis, a bottle that sells for $800. Now we’re talking.

2016-04-30 15.49.13
2016-04-30 19.38.17
Diet Pepsi
2016-04-30 21.06.53
The Queen
2016-04-30 21.08.57
Look familiar? It’s TPOL’s logo: Living Doesn’t Have to Suck Indeed

The Food 

Emirates has great food. The highlights are the caviar and the mezze. The main courses, though tasty, are not as good as Etihad where my private chef, Alex made some memorable entrees and desserts.

2016-04-30 13.16.19
The starter
2016-04-30 13.54.09
The soup
2016-04-30 13.40.21
The caviar
2016-04-30 13.56.59
Arabic mezze
2016-04-30 13.57.13
2016-04-30 14.14.54
The duck
2016-04-30 19.38.22
The main course
2016-04-30 19.51.09
Steak which was actually tender

The Entertainment 

The ICE system makes it impossible to get to sleep. There is an infinite selection of movies, TV shows, and music.

2016-04-30 12.29.50
ICE is nice
2016-04-30 12.38.05
The gauges
2016-04-30 12.38.30
I want those 11 hours and 41 minutes back

For the TV show, I went with the obvious.

2016-05-02 04.48.51

For music, I made a well-received A380 Silent Disco Video.

2016-04-30 22.31.06
Boom! Shake the Room
Bottle #3?
Bottle #3?
2016-04-30 22.50.02
Happy times

The Seat & The Bed 

The suite is very comfortable. It’s not as big as Singapore Airlines but the coziness factor makes you feel like you are in your own fort.

2016-04-30 21.27.29
Hey, Timon, ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?
2016-04-30 15.37.44
What more is there?
2016-04-30 15.27.38
Time to nap

The Amenities 

The smelling salts remind me of another episode of Sunny. You snort one to become alert and another to get some rest.

2016-04-30 11.29.30

I love the Bvlgari cologne. It’s TPOL’s scent of choice when he’s on the road.

2016-04-30 11.33.12

The Shower 

What’s a flight without a shower? It’s a Delta flight. Channeling my inner Jennifer Aniston, I took my waterproof Samsung S7 Edge to the shower, threw on some Kanye, and made another hit.

2016-04-30 11.39.47
How many times has this photo been posted?
2016-04-30 11.41.06
2016-04-30 11.41.16
Spa treatment
2016-04-30 11.42.12
The Lay Z boy
2016-04-30 11.42.14
One more for the toilet
2016-04-30 11.42.29
The dryer
2016-04-30 11.42.55
The Dubai skyline
2016-04-30 22.56.46
Shower time
2016-04-30 22.56.50
5 minutes of hot water means you have to be judicious
2016-04-30 22.58.29
Ready! Go
2016-04-30 22.56.56
No idea what these pictures mean

The End 

Where did the time go? It seemed like so long ago that I found availability from JFK-DXB for $19 and 100k Alaska miles. Now we were making our decent to Dubai and the anxiety of leaving the plane was starting to set in. That only lasted for a moment as I realized I was going to do the whole thing over again in a few hours when I went DXB-PVG.

2016-04-30 23.28.27
Good Feeling!
2016-05-01 00.04.25
Good Feeling! Good Feeling!

One more time
We’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah, all right
Don’t stop the dancing

  One more time…

See you soon!
See you soon! My A380 goddess


  1. a bit over done don’t you think? There have been so many “reports” on EK FC that they seem to be turning into a “look at me” post. But then I am sure you paid for the trip. I do

    • You are correct. One of the pics I posted has the caption ‘look at me’ for that very reason. However, I did try to put a new spin on it.

    • samsung camera is great. The plane was so bright. I guess I’ll stop being lazy and edit them now. I was thinking the same thing for a few of the pics (not all of them)

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