Citi ThankYou Points Disappear


Another points disappearing act thanks to Citi ThankYou happened over the weekend. I had closed a Prestige only to reopen it and was assured that my points were safe. On my points dashboard it did not show that the points were in danger of expiring.

Well true to Citi’s word, the points are gone and Citi’s computers have been down all weekend. (That’s another enigma in itself.) I don’t understand why Citi has different ThankYou points depending on the account. There’s one for the ThankYou card, one for the Prestige, one for the CitiGold, and probably a different kind for my downgraded ThankYou card. The final one may or may not transfer to airlines depending on who I talk to.

What’s the reason for this nonsense apart from confusing consumers and forcing them to pay annual fees to preserve the points. Sure I could transfer them and not worry about it but the risk of deval or expiring points (think SQ) make that an unattractive option.

Short of consolidating the points program like Chase and Amex do, I see no other solution for this madness. It’s not me, it’s you Citi.

If they transferred to Eq I'd send them all there!
If they transferred to EK I’d send them all there!


  1. Cuz you are just too lazy to combine them. All the accounts you mentioned can be combined over phone. And what’s the nonsense to close and reopen a card at all? Supposedly those points WILL expire per the term and Citi should not honor your points at all.

  2. I understand your frustration, but it seems your goal is to sign up for these accounts then downgrade or cancel the account before having to pay high fees for the product. If you’re not going to continue to use the card or banking product, you need to get the points spent or transferred quickly. That’s just the nature of the game. If you don’t like the restrictions on the Citigold-earned Thank You points, then don’t sign up for that kind of account. Personally, I’m not complaining about $800 in AA flights for just signing up for a checking account.

  3. CITI is slammed with the acquisition of the Costco account which is starting out as a complete mess. It has dramatically affected CITI customer service response times up and down the line. I tried to apply for but eventually gave up on a $400 checking account bonus promo. You’ll eventually resolve your issue, but it will take awhile.

  4. I get the sense from numerous of your posts that you are very frugal and love getting more value than what you deserve and pay for. I also see you tending to complain when you don’t get more than you deserve or don’t get something free that you are not entitled to. That’s your prerogative.

    Surely you have your particular reasons for opening/closing accounts, but if you don’t care to make them public, then it might serve you well not to get defensive when people suggest you follow the rules and pay up once in a while.

    You will likely berate me and I respect that, as I am in your “yard” (blog), but I do find myself frustrated with those who are unapologetically as much a freeloader as you seem to be.

    Happy travels, Sir!

    • How can you get ‘more than you deserve’? If you get it then you deserve it.

      And no the account was closed on accident because of this CitiGold checking issue. I’m not one of those apply for 10 citi exec cards, get the points and close the account kinda guy. Those are the frugal ones who want more than they pay for. The issue of the account was not the point (though somehow it has become that). It’s about points disappearing. Those are my damn points and I’m not going to apologize for that.

      People make wild guesses and go off incorrectly so I respond. I don’t see where I berated anyone.

      And look who is berating who, “unapologetically as much a freeloader”. Give me a break.

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