TPOL’s Travel Guide Coloring Book


I hope you are enjoying TPOL’s revamped website. As I said, there’s still plenty of revisions to be made but so far so good.

Today I added my favorite feature thus far, an interactive map that does more than show where in the world I’ve been. Readers can click on the country for all the posts relevant for that country. Readers can also click on specific cities within a country for even more insight.

I believe that a blog must be accessible and that a reader shouldn’t have to hit the search button every time he or she wants to find something. Hopefully this map streamlines that process. Worst case, it’s pretty to look at depending on your classification of what is or is not beautiful.

The Map can be found in the main menu bar and right below. I should point out that the coloring is complete but the links, the most critical part are not.

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