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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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The Emirates Lounge at JFK: Where It All Began

This is the Emirates Lounge at JFK Review which is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here.

There are certain things that no one can get sick of. These include silly string, bubble wrap, and any review having to do with Emirates Airlines. The only thing that tops an experience on Emirates is doing it again and again.

The last time I had flown Emirates was part of the Trip Report: A Trip to the Far East in Style. I was so young and points were so abundant. I didn’t think the day would come that Alaska would require almost double the points to pull off the same trip. Alas, that is the reality now so this Emirates review will be my last for the time being.

If I had to use one word to describe the lounge it would be comfortable. It isn’t over-the-top and it isn’t particularly large. Yes there is excellent food and endless champagne but that’s not what makes this lounge unique. What makes it unique is the anticipation from waiting to board (directly from the lounge) onto an immaculate A380. What can be better than knowing that the greatest ride of your life is parked right outside?

2016-04-30 08.12.02
Sun Country!
2016-04-30 08.13.52
2016-04-30 08.37.22
Maharaja Lounge!
2016-04-30 08.38.10
Emirates Lounge!
2016-04-30 08.38.50
The anticipation as I enter
2016-04-30 08.39.17
Sends me to the toilet
2016-04-30 08.39.40-1
Smell the roses, I’m taking my time post deval to do so
2016-04-30 08.41.00
Why are the minutes not the same!
2016-04-30 08.41.08
We’ve arrived
2016-04-30 08.41.44
Time to eat
2016-04-30 08.41.57
And drink
2016-04-30 08.41.59-1
2016-04-30 08.42.22
2016-04-30 08.42.53-1
My baby
2016-04-30 08.42.58
Artsy VOSS
2016-04-30 08.44.59
Fresh juices
2016-04-30 08.45.04
Marshmallows haa
A light bagel and salmon snack
A light bagel and salmon snack
2016-04-30 08.46.24-1
Enough photos, time to eat
2016-04-30 08.46.42
Okay one more
2016-04-30 08.57.11-1
And another
2016-04-30 08.58.39
TPOL in First
2016-04-30 09.05.10
Relocating to bar #2
2016-04-30 09.05.20
Skip the beer for the champagne
2016-04-30 09.06.25
2016-04-30 09.07.27
The countdown to boarding
2016-04-30 09.07.45
It’s a nice lounge for relaxation
One more before I board
One more before I board
There she is
There she is




  1. For me, JFK Emirates lounge was where it all began too. I specifically flew on EK so many times from 2009-2012 just to accrue enough miles to redeem EK F using skywards miles. Back then EK wasn’t partnered with AS and I wanted to experience what EK economy, business, and first would be like. As EK gold, I had access to this lounge at JFK even as an economy passenger and I still remember coming here for the first time in late 2009 and simply in awe of the lounge. Back then, it was the best lounge at JFK as VS Clubhouse, new Delta skyclub, and Etihad lounge were nonexistent.

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