Simply The Best: May 2018


TPOL, the deadbeat, barely posted in May but when I did, it was magical. Here are the top posts for May:

  1. Recap: The $23,000 Trip to South America & Africa for 400,000 Points!

    As with all my trips, I like to publish the Excel of how much I spent in points, how much I paid in cash, and the retail value of the trip.
  2. The Original Piña Colada Comes From a Slushy Machine?

    How can the place that claims to have invented the piña colada disgrace the inventor by automating the process?
  3. Delta SkyPesos Worthless? Not to San Juan!

    While the long-haul deals are few and far between, I did find an amazing deal to help me with my commute from my new home in Puerto Rico to NYC.
  4. Sketch Uber Ride: Should I Have Cancelled?

    Whether it’s an Uber, metered taxi, or an unlicensed taxi, travelers should be on guard because trouble is always on the horizon.


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