Persistence Pays Off Again: Business Aviator Approved!


Do you remember when I applied for the Barclays Business Aviator card? I don’t. Nor did I remember what the offer was. Reading the linked post, I assume it was sometime in early September. Two months later, many phone calls later, and after sending many documents, I finally was approved for 60k after making my first purchase within 90 days. That insane offer was well worth the effort. If this were pre-AA deval, that would almost be a first class flight on Cathay Pacific. The good news is that I have a healthy balance of AA points. The bad news is since moving to Puerto Rico, I lack the motivation to go anywhere. Such apathy for travel is almost how Ms. TPOL’s AA miles expired. For now, I’m content defying my own rules (see “What Are Points Worth?” Shut Up and Book!) and will continue to hoard knowing that my moratorium on going to Bangkok is almost up.

TPOL’s TIP: Barclays will approve your business card if you have proper documentation. This also happened when I applied for the JetBlue Business card.

Is it time to accept the new mile requirements and book Cathay again?


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