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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Push It To The Limit! Pre AA Devaluation Booked

If you’re a nerd like me then you are enjoying the posts about booking a flight to and from Asia before the AA devaluation. If you aren’t enjoying these posts, then there’s a strong possibility that you don’t read my blog anyway. Still, I thought I would insert that sentence in your honor.

The Trip Report appropriately called The Year of the Monkey hasn’t even got off the ground and already I have four posts on the flight planning including this one. They include:

I left my last post wondering if I was reaching the marginal return on my reservation given the opportunity to add more segments. Just asking that question meant that I had not. Here is what I came up with and I believe, but cannot guarantee, that it will be final. Unless there is a dramatic change, this will be the last post regarding flights on what has become another great #tpolonem booking.


I wanted to go to Jakarta to add it to my Country Count and found it more convenient to do it in the beginning of the trip. From Jakarta I will pay for a ticket to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and make my way back to Bangkok and Hong Kong. I am also paying for the flight from Kota Kinabalu to Bangkok but am using Avios to go from BKK to HKG. The price for that flight is $150 but I used 7500 Avios + $20 instead. After that, I am adding a wildcard country by going to Sanya, China. That flight retails for $300 but I used 4500 Avios + $15.46 to make the booking. Finally, I will be flying Dragonair Business from Sanya to Hong Kong en route back to NYC on Cathay Business. The DragonAir segment would cost $509 if someone was foolish enough to pay for business class on a flight that short.

All searches were done on British with Avios awards booked directly on the website and the others by calling American directly.

There you have it. TPOL is tired now. Goodnight.



  1. I take it there’s no availability HKG-CGK nonstop on CX? The 3 flights seem a bit much, unless you’re just wandering around.

    • There is a first-class flight nonstop but not available on the date that I needed. It departs at 9:25AM from HKG and gets you right into CGK that afternoon. I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere and will enjoy the lounge time and that quick stop in Bangkok (may not even get a hotel room) before heading off to Jakarta.

      Probably more crazy than reasonable but that’s consistent with the push it to the limit vs. marginal return analysis.

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