Lula’s Burgers: Delicious in Dorado


Lula’s Burgers is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report.

A sage man once said, “Do not buy a house on an empty stomach.” Heeding that advice, I took a break from playing House Hunter (Semi) International and stopped by Lula’s Burger, a casual dining spot in an otherwise not so casual suburb of San Juan called Dorado. Unlike the properties I was going to look at, the prices at Lula’s were actually within my budget. While I do not write about every place I eat everywhere in the world, I do try to post about places that are exceptionally good and those that are exceptionally awful. Lula’s certainly fits into the former category.

Here are 3 reasons why (in pictures):

  1. Casual Atmosphere
  2. Medalla, the best light beer in the world
  3. Burger

And now, back to the hunt.

TPOL’s TIPS: Lula’s Burgers Address: 800 PR-693, Dorado, 00646


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