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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Puerto Rico’s Own Medalla: The Best Light Beer in the World?

Way back in 2015, I tried to write about which beers were the best in the world, while having readers vote on which beer they liked most. It was called What’s on Tap? An International Guide to Local Brew. It featured the following posts:

Alas, I never completed the project due to low voter turnout, a sharp contrast to the high turnout when TPOL asked readers vote to where he would move next. Years later, I still like drinking beer and believe I have found the best light beer en todo el mundo. It’s made in the United States, though I never had it until I moved to Puerto Rico. It’s called Medalla and it has everything you would want in a beer.

  1. It’s cheap. Some bars sell it for $2 a can. At most, it is $4 a bottle.
  2. It’s light.
  3. It gets the job done.

Strangely, this American beer is not exported to the US in volume. That’s a shame because it easily beats out the nominees in the aforementioned Best Banquet Brew.

a bottle of beer next to a container
Medalla, my favorite local beer. Stella, my other favorite beer.

Have you tried Medalla? Write Congress and tell them to import it to the States.



  1. LOL I thought at first glance you said “Puerto Rico’s Own Mandela” as in Nelson Mandela (or Madiba)! 😀

    I guess your post will be thought provoking! LOL!

  2. you tell me everything about this beer except what really matters. let’s do the numbers. give me an ABV%!!

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