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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Forget the Oscars, the Intl Brew Awards Are On

Now that the Academy Awards are over, perhaps someone can tell me how Birdman won Best Picture. I still don’t get the ending.

The real award show begins today with the unveiling of categories in the International Guide to Local Brew. You may recall that it was featured during a split second commercial in the Super Bowl.

Beside the top prize that goes for Best Brew, there are many categories worth previewing including:

  • Best Brew for the ‘Fancy Beer Drinkers’
  • Best Banquet Brew
  • Best Hangover Brew
  • Best Party Brew
  • El Mejor Cerveza Mexicana
  • Best SouthEast Asian Brew
  • Worst I Think I’m Cool Because I’m Drinking This Overpriced Export Brew
  • Best Brew for Playing the 7-11 Game 

And many, many more. Over the coming weeks, depending on the hangover, I’ll post the nominees, open it up for voting, then display the winner followed by the next category.

Crack open a can, sit back and relax because the International Guide to Local Brew is underway.

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