If You Hate Baseball, You’ll Love Spring Training


I’m not the biggest fan of baseball. While I do hope the Detroit Tigers can finally win the World Series, I never watch until it is playoff time. Tuning in on TV is too boring and going to a game is too expensive.(reference beer prices.)

If you feel the same way about baseball then you may believe that spring training is also worth skipping. To that point, I must inform you that you are mistaken. Spring training is not to be missed, especially in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The weather is right, the city is alive, and the fans are, for the most part, disinterested in the game. Scottsdale Stadium is home to my adopted team, the San Francisco Giants. It seems like every year or every other year they win the World Series.

During spring training, I’m usually there to evaluate the Giants’ talent and assess their chances of winning again. That’s actually not true. During spring training, I’m usually at the game, on the lawn, meeting up with friends and having a few beers. Take note that they are still overpriced.

Regardless of whether they win or lose, who they are playing, what players are starting, spring training games are loads of fun. Years ago amid the steroid scandal games would be even more entertaining as fans and spectators alike would come out to taunt Barry Bonds.

Tickets are not too difficult to come by especially if you go during the week. If you’re lucky enough to get a bracelet as a guest of the Scottsdale Charros,, head up to the pavilion for all you can drink and eat. If not, then enjoy the sun, and maybe try to enjoy baseball.

scottsdale stadium spring training
How’s the weather where you are?
scottsdale stadium spring training
Not a cloud in the sky.
Scottsdale stadium spring training
Night games are by far the most exciting.
scottsdale stadium spring training
Nothing like the Charros Pavilion experience.



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