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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Michelin Sushi Tenerife: $375 Worth Spent?

Michelin Sushi Tenerife is part of the Still The Best Trip Report.

The party scene in Tenerife was a flop (see Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife: Well That Sucked). Looking to return to luxury, I went back to the Ritz Carlton (see Ritz Carlton Tenerife: We’ll Make It Better, The Second Time Around). After a day of doing nothing at the pool, I had a decision to make: Go to sleep early and spend a few hundred on golf to play in the morning or find pleasure in food.

Since it was too hot and since I do not find golfing alone particularly enjoyable, I went with option 2.

At 8:57 PM, I called Abama Kabuki to see if they could still seat me for the tasting menu. They said yes so long as I could be ready in five minutes. At 9:02 PM I took the Mercedes shuttle bus to the restaurant.a sign on a wall

This was my second time doing a full-course food and drink tasting at a Michelin restaurant. The first, as you will recall, was in Copenhagen, Denmark (see Punk Royale Copenhagen: Michelin Restaurant on Acid). a paper with text on it

As far as the food goes, I will let the photos do the talking. As far as the experience, I have to say that it is a memorable experience that I cherish. It’s like flying first on Emirates without leaving the ground. For a few hours, I feel like the chef is personally cooking for me. No detail is overlooked and each moment is to be savored. Talking to the waiters and the sommelier is as much a part of the experience as the food itself. I give my feedback and my assessment and it seems like the staff actually cares about my opinion. If I am being duped in the same way an exotic dancer makes her clients feel special, I appreciate the show nonetheless.a glass of wine next to a vase of flowers a group of bowls with food on them a dumpling on a plate a piece of meat on a plate a bowl with a spoon on it a bowl and bowl on a table a tray of different plates and bowls a plate of sushi on a table a spoon and bowl on a table a plate of food with shrimp a glass of white wine on a table a close up of food food on a plate a small wooden objects with different foods on them a bowl of food on a table a table with food and winea plate of raw meat a bowl of soup with vegetables

Unfortunately, the sampling and savoring had to come to an end. Fortunately, the sampling and savoring had to come to an end. All that was left was the bill and the ride home. a receipt on a table

The next morning I woke wondering if $375 for sushi was worth it. Putting it that way, the answer is no. But when someone asks what did you do in Tenerife, I will say Michelin sushi at Abama Kabuki. Retelling that story makes it worth it.

TPOL’ Tip: Abama Kabuki is adjacent to the Ritz Carlton and is located at Calle María Zambrano, Carretera General, TF-47, 2, Km 9, 38687, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


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