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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Ritz Carlton Tenerife: We’ll Make It Better, The Second Time Around

Ritz Carlton Tenerife Hotel Review is part of the Still The Best Trip Report.

Getting There

I took a taxi from the Tenerife South airport (see Tenerife: Take a Taxi Over Uber). It cost 50 euros. I am glad I discovered I didn’t fly into Tenerife North as the taxi price would have been more than double (see Not My Fault: Tenerife Airport, North Or South?).

I like a soft landing after landing in a new country. What’s softer than the pillows at a Ritz? After being lazy in the Iberia domestic lounge (see En Route: Iberia’s Domestic Lounge Madrid) and a flight I do not recall to Tenerife South (see Iberia Business: Madrid to Tenerife), I arrived at the Ritz Carlton Tenerife, eager to get this Still The Best Trip rolling.


The hotel is an isolated oasis, far from the hustle and bustle of Playa de Las Americas. But that’s the point (see Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife: Well That Sucked).

a sign on a wall


The Abama golf course is beautiful. But a 200 euro solo round before rentals in the oppressive heat is not my idea of a good time. a golf course with a pond and palm trees


It felt like I was in Moroccoa building with a pool and plants a building with a pool and a pond a pool with palm trees in the background a pool with umbrellas and chairs in front of a building a pool with umbrellas and chairs and palm treesa view of a tropical area with palm trees and buildings a palm trees and buildings with the sun in the background

Welcome Drink

Cuidado! When the front desk told me I could have a welcome drink at the main bar, she only said it could be an alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink. I thought that I could pick any drink from the menu. For a 15-euro caipirinha, I realized I was wrong. The welcome drink is a premix of OJ and something.

a glass with ice and lime on a napkin
My welcome drink
a glass of orange juice on a golf course
Their welcome drink

Michelin Sushi

My friend recommended trying the Michelin-starred sushi restaurant. He said it rivaled Japan. Since it was the beginning of my trip and since I didn’t come to the Canary Islands to eat sushi, I passed.


I had a junior suite. Junior is an understatement. It was huge.a long hallway with art on the walls a room with a round table and chairs a living room with a couch and a television a living room with a couch and a coffee table a couches in a room a room with a couch and a bed a bed with a four poster bed


There were two different entrances for the main patio.a glass coffee table with a plant on ita patio with chairs and a building in the background a group of chairs on a patio a patio with chairs and a table

There was a private entrance for the patio off the master.a balcony with a table and chairs a patio with chairs and a tablea pool in a building

a coffee machine and cups on a tray
An espresso and a balcony, what more do I need?


The shower was not a rain shower. It was retrofitted to be acceptable.a hallway with a mirror and wooden cabinets a bathroom with a large mirror and a tub a bathtub in a bathroomtwo blue glasses on a plate a tray of toiletries and a bottle

a shower with a faucet and a shelf
Shower meh
a group of tubes of cream on a metal shelf
Soaps great


Following my welcome drink mishap, I called ahead to see if breakfast was included. It was. It was wise to ask because there was nothing impressive about the breakfast. The eggs were good but the spread was minimal.a plate of food on a table


Living in Puerto Rico, I am spoiled by one of the world’s best beaches which is located right outside of my door. When you have such a nice beach at home, it’s hard to be impressed with other beaches.a beach with chairs and umbrellas a body of water with rocks and a fence on the side a beach with a rock wall and water a beach with rocks and watera rocky shore with a body of waterpeople on a beach

a group of people on a beach
Natural IG photos.

While the beach was nothing special, I was impressed with the transport from the Ritz to the beach. At home, I have my golf cart. Here, there was a train.a sign with a map and a car parked in the background a train with people on it

a rail going up a hill
I didn’t take the train back.

a beach and buildings on a cliff


“Oh, you have a water? That’s six euros,” was a comment an Italian tourist told me as I sat in the restaurant near the beach. As you can imagine, everything in the orbit of the Ritz is pricey. I lucked out by having free water in my room. My money was spent on a reasonably priced bottle of wine for 30 euros.a glass bottle on a table a carton of juice on a rocky beach


I used a stay cert valued at 40k points to stay at the Ritz Carlton Tenerife. The room retails for 300 euros. While it isn’t the best redemption (see Marriott Stay Certs: Let Me Warn Or Remind You Again), it was the perfect soft landing.

Round 2

After a terrible time in Playa de Las Americas, I sprinted back to the Ritz Carlton Tenerife. I burned another 35k stay-cert. The second time was much better. Here’s why:


Forget the welcome drink. I brought my own beer and wine.

a hand holding a can of beer a laptop and wine on a table

Who needs a suite? 

I’ll take a view over a suite any day. The rain shower was also better in the standard room.

a room with a bed and a television

a large building with a pool and plantsa building with palm trees and a body of water

Michelin Sushi

On this stay, I decided to try the sushi. Read this post to find out if a $375 dinner for one was worth it.

a tray of different plates

Overall Again

I will not be returning to Tenerife (see Guns & Butter: Tenerife Travel Guide). If you do go, go to the Ritz Carlton and stay put.


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