New Years 2016! My Last Binge in Bangkok


The Bangkok Party New Years Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO of My Pillow, is a former drug addict with a fascinating story. He makes my autobiography look like a Disney movie. Before getting clean once and for all, he had one more alcohol, cocaine, and crack blowout party. ‘Like Mike’, I needed one more binge in Bangkok before saying goodbye to a city that swallows people whole and never spits them out. After going there half a dozen times, I think it is time to go elsewhere.

Here is what I did my last time in Bangkok. I consulted my own Travel Guide to make sure I hit all the spots.

Aloft Bangkok 

Aloft Bangkok is still my favorite Aloft in the collection but I’ve become spoiled by the more uppity brands. When I return to Bangkok in 2040, I will stay at the Park Hyatt, if it is open by then. Still, for 3000 to 4000 points per night, the Aloft is the best deal in Bangkok.

2016-12-30 18.20.28 2016-12-30 18.41.32 2016-12-30 18.42.51 2016-12-30 19.17.45 2016-12-30 20.44.49 2016-12-31 13.26.02 2016-12-31 14.00.04

Pad Thai 

Knowing that I wasn’t coming back to Bangkok for half a century, I gorged on pad thai. I was bold enough to ask for two eggs!

2016-12-30 21.51.15 2016-12-30 21.51.10 2016-12-30 21.51.18 2016-12-30 21.52.32

Curry, Curry, Curry & Tom Yum

I guess it is only ‘curry, curry’ since I only had green and red this time around. Don’t forget about yellow and don’t forget to order Tom Yum!

Tom Yum
Tom Yum
Green Curry
Green Curry
Red Curry
Red Curry

Local Friends

My buddy is from Bangkok. It has become a tradition to see him every two years for some beers.

15741255_10154238057996958_4691197938174808479_n 2017-01-01 19.25.51

Ku De Ta Is Now Ce La Vi

Trademark infringement anyone? The best club in Bangkok changed its name from one French expression to another after being sued by Ku De Ta Singapore. I went to Ce La Vi for New Years. It was same same, not different.

2017-01-01 00.48.18 2017-01-01 01.33.37

Singha, Leo, & Chang 

My beloved Singha, I will miss you dearly. And I will miss your poor man’s substitute Leo. Chang is garbage and I do not care if I have it again.

2017-01-01 16.32.35

2016-12-30 23.22.02 2016-12-30 23.49.52

Khao San 

Hate it or love it, Khao San Road is synonymous with Bangkok. For years, I’ve been going to the same bar, ordering a bottle, and watching it all unfold.

2016-12-30 21.50.36 2016-12-30 21.50.482016-12-30 22.10.12 2016-12-30 22.09.592016-12-30 23.43.25 2016-12-30 23.46.11 2016-12-30 23.10.102016-12-30 22.49.13 2016-12-30 22.08.31

Ladyboys and Ping Pong Show 

For awhile, TPOL was #1 in the search result for Ping Pong show. I’ve slipped in the rankings but perhaps this post will get me back up there. As for the ladyboys, I will miss their gentle stares which often led to aggressive grabbing if I made eye contact with them.

2017-01-01 16.16.35


As I rest my head on My Pillow, I think about my last binge in Bangkok. I came, I saw, I ended up hungover. Goodbye Bangkok! Thank you for the binge New Year’s celebration and for all celebrations for days gone by.







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