Living Doesn’t Have to Suck, Now It Goes Without Saying


Somewhere along the way, The Points Of Life became TPOL. Somewhere along the way, TPOL decided he needed to be more marketable. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that on my logo I bid farewell to my slogan, “Living Doesn’t Have to Suck”. I always found it funny but some people were turned off by the negative connotation and perhaps that is why they avoided visiting my site. Those that came were still in for a surprise as they quickly discovered that my sarcasm did not end with a catch phrase. For those that are in mourning at this loss, rest assured that my writing style will not change. Recall, TPOL has made blogging great again.

In conclusion, Living Doesn’t Have to Suck. Now it goes without saying.

For one last time, make some noise! 


Nothing sucks about flying Emirates First
Nothing sucks about flying Emirates First






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