Keep Vs. Cancel: Barclays AAdvantage Aviator


I hate annual fees as much as I hate losing a ball on the golf course. I also haven’t had much luck getting retention offers for keeping cards open. My Aviator card’s annual fee came due, and I called Barclays to cancel. Since this card is churnable, it wouldn’t make sense to keep it open and pay $95 unless there was an absurd retention offer. There was not, so I closed the card. Common wisdom, i.e. DoC, says that one should wait a few months before applying for the same card. I ignored that and applied the same day for the 60k offer. I wasn’t immediately approved and have not called recon. The strategy of not waiting has worked with Barclays in the past (see Approved! JetBlue Card, Second Time Around). Will it work this time? Tune in next time for As the World Churns.

Checking online didn’t show my status. Remember the US Airways card?


  1. I’d be shocked if it works anymore, but I certainly hope it does! Last time I tried to churn Barclay’s, I was read a list of the opening and closing dates of all my prior cards. It was like listening to a list of Michigan’s football losses to Ohio State over the last two decades.

  2. I have the aviator silver, just wondering if it’s worth the fee. I have to spent $50k a year to get the elite qualifying dollars. Right now, I already have to spend $75k for my SPG luxury card to get Plat, then $50k for my capital one bonus, and then probably $20k on my Hyatt card to maintain globalist. Not sure I’m even trying for executive platinum anymore this year.

    • That’s a lot of effort. I think I’ll go for globalist by spending. Capital one still waiting. SPG may just get it by staying

  3. As The World Churns, huh? Definitely good for a laugh. So, do we ever get to find out what super mega posh place you ended up choosing to reside in for a while? I kinda liked the series.

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