Approved! JetBlue Card, Second Time Around


The key to lasting in this business if you don’t MS is to take advantage of every points opportunity. See an offer for Citi with no 60 month language? Apply! Banco Popular releasing a Avianca card with no spend? Apply! These extra applications won’t get you under the 5/24 rule, but who cares? You’ll have enough points now to tell Chase that you are rejecting them, not the other way around.

I saw 1000 posts for JetBlue’s card and how it is at an all time high of 60,000 points. I just cancelled my card months ago and did not expect to get approved again so soon. According to Doctor of Credit, this card is churnable. I applied anyway and initially received the ‘we will get back to you in 10 days’ message. I woke up this morning to an approval email. After completing the $1000 spend, my balance will be a healthy 135,000 truBlue points.

JetBlue flies to many international destinations including Barbados and Colombia which makes getting this card more than a bus pass to travel around the US. Get the card today. Otherwise, you’ll stay home tomorrow (Dave).

Radisson Barbados



  1. I recently applied for the Arrival + card through Barclaycard and was denied (can’t remember if it was instantly or gave the ‘a decision will be made’ message. The following day i applied for the American AAdvantage Aviator card through Barclaycard and was instantly approved which I was deeply surprised about.

    My question is, are the barclaycard co-branded cards way easier to get approved for than Barclaycards core cards?


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