A La Maison La Paz: Nice Hotel, If You Can Find It


Getting There: WikiTravel says it costs 70 boliviano from the airport. I didn’t have to negotiate with the taxi to get this rate.

With one night in La Paz before the Salt Flats in Uyuni, I needed a place to lay my head. There are zero chain hotels in La Paz which meant that my search for hotels would be limited to the most affordable and highest rated accommodation. I found a la Maison on TripAdvisor for $43 and made the booking.

The drive to the hotel is spectacular. The descent to the city is breathtaking.

The hotel/apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood which was hard for the taxi to find. For convenience, I would recommend staying closer to the city center because finding the hotel was a problem when I tried to return to the hotel after exploring the city.

The Apartment
The apartment is huge. It has a kitchen table for a family, artwork to impress guests, and fancy tiles. The apartment also has two space heaters as La Paz gets very cold due to the elevation.

Back to the Airport
Our flight was early in the morning so the hotel booked us a taxi for 6:30AM. Because the last taxi couldn’t find the place, I was concerned that our ride would not show up on time. Anxious, I woke up early to see if the taxi had arrived and if there were any driving around in the area. The driver was not there and the streets were quiet. Nervous, I tried to find a driver on Uber, but there were no drivers available which always was the case in La Paz. Moments later, my taxi arrived and I was on my way.

Unless you take the hell bus to Uyuni, you’ll have to do a layover in La Paz. While the hotel was nice, the location is unknown to taxi drivers. I’m grateful to the hotel for booking the cab to the airport and to the driver for showing up.

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