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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Not YUM! Hundreds Sickened at KFC Mongolia

Before TPOL Moved to Puerto Rico, TPOL lived in Ulaanbaatar (see Mistake of Mongolia). During the downs and further downs of my time there, I went to KFC for a taste of home. Today, I read that hundreds were sickened after eating at a local KFC. Bloomberg’s cover photo made it look like the KFC I used to go to. That photo is not accurate. The poisoning happened in Zaisan, the expat/upscale part of UB where poor TPOL could not live when he was there (see House Hunters International: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia).

Food poisoning is no joke and can be lethal (see Malaria Or Food Poisoning? Day 2 Safari Ruined and see Food Poisoning in Paradise). I find myself in a unique position of coming to Mongolia’s defense. Food poisoning can happen in upscale restaurants, at home, or, in this case, at a local KFC. This one just happened to be in Ulaanbaatar and is getting lots of publicity as a result. I am hopeful that the Yum! brand will rectify the problem and while they are at it, they should look into the Pizza Hut there. You won’t get sick from bacteria, but you may feel nauseous from the terrible taste.

a man standing in front of a statue
Marco TPOL in Mongolia


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