Is Iberia Flying Around with Empty Planes?


I’m supposed to go to Sevilla, Spain today. I’m supposed to go there again on Thursday. I was supposed to go there last week as well, and a few times more. Many of us booked these short-haul flights from Madrid to take advantage of Iberia’s Avios Promotion. I used those points to fly from San Juan to Tel Aviv to start my #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL trip. As I keep receiving daily emails reminding me about checking in and what I can and can’t bring on the plane, I began to wonder if anyone is on those planes. It’s funny to think about pilots showing up each day on this and similar routes to find the plane basically empty due to a points promotion that may have gotten a little bit out of control. Some people booked these flights in addition to reaping the points rewards. I was not that forward thinking (see Lessons from Iberia Deal: Think Ahead!) and would like to think that Iberia is just circling the skies of Spain with empty planes.



  1. LMAO…… I think it serves Iberia right for losing their collective shirts over this. First, the lack of thought to begin with was probably due to some genius idea in marketing; then to make matters worse they tried to weasel their way out and got caught. I for one was lucky enough to get in at the last second, but clearly had to fight them for 2-3 months and force them (through email complaint wars that involved DOT and FTC) to reluctantly cough up what was promised; that equaled premium economy to Spain and business return (due to the long delay and missing out on space that disappeared quickly). Their help lines and IT are pitiful and if not for the promotion, I would never fly this crappy airline ever (their service in the air stinks and of course they are part of IAG, which adds to the horrible stench).

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