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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Lessons from Iberia Deal: Think Ahead!

Iberia honored the deal, at least for me. That means I’m going to Albania! While I’m happy I will be flying round trip in business for $500, I could have done much better had I been more prepared for the possibility that the promotion would actually be honored.

Here’s what I did right: The day before the points were supposed to post, I searched for availability between San Juan and Madrid. When the points showed up, I, without hesitation, booked the flights.

Here’s what I did wrong: I still have to book flights from Madrid and back to Madrid. Instead of booking 10 trips from Madrid to Sevilla to get the points bonus, I should have thought about booking trips for the time I knew I would be in Spain.

While it was smart to search for availability before the points posted, a real Pointstradramus would have searched for those award flights as well as revenue flights that he/she would take. Now, I’m probably going to fly Iberia out of Madrid and pay money for tickets that would have served the same purpose for the promotion.

Alas, I am but a mere mortal.

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I was smart to take advantage of the deal, but I could have been clever.


  1. Same thing happened to me! Got the points and immediately booked a return trip in Bus from MAD-MEX. However, I now need to buy a revenue ticket to get to MAD and back from my home airport. In my rush to book cheap 1-way tickets before the deadline, I failed to consider the positioning flight that I would need. Oh well…still a great deal (assuming Iberia doesn’t cancel my MAD-MEX flight for not taking any of the 10 cheap flights).

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