Why Do Chase Ink Points Take Longer to Post?


Last week I asked why pending transactions only disappear from Ink? That question has baffled me for years, much like how do we know if anyone will ever pick up when we are on hold? This week my question is, why do Chase Ink Points Take Longer to Post? My statement closed on the 28th, a date that I purposefully set for all my cards so I don’t forget to pay my bills, but none of my points have posted (see Your March Statement is Due: Tips for Paying On Time). This is not a new phenomena, it has been happening forever. It was annoying years ago when I had the Chase Ink Bold (remember that boy), and it is annoying now.

These two quirks of the card discourage me from using it. In fact, I’m so fed up with the transaction issue that I am willing to pay an extra $20 for the overhyped Chase Hyatt card, just so I have an everyday Visa to use. I was using my Amex Blue Business Plus card, one of the best cards for everyday spend, but Amex is not widely accepted in Puerto Rico.

And next I’m going to talk about how I bypassed 5/24 to get the Ink Business Preferred, and how I still have only received 50k out of the 100k sign up bonus!

Why do you make me hate you Ink? Why?

Somehow I have to get that credit limit up.


  1. YES!!! I hear you! I was told on the phone earlier this week that the transactions disappearing is something that the IT team is working on. I hear ya with the slow posting of points too! I was hoping to meet my minimum spend in 1 month (I ended up doing it in 19 days) but my statement closed before then. So I waited another cycle and my 100K sign up points (I signed up during small biz week) took from my statement closing on the 28th until 11pm on the 3rd to post I was quite frustrated! My call to customer service was at 6pm when I was about pulling my hair out b/c of MAJOR Chase Ultimate Rewards website glitch! When I finally booked my hotel stay through Ultimate Rewards, the confirmation email I received had the wrong dates, so that was another call to Chase to figure that out. THEN, yesterday, they closed my online account access because I made a transfer from there to a Capital One account that I had already linked to my account and confirmed the test deposits and everything. That took 3 phone calls, because the first 2 agents insisted that I provide my debit card number. Finally the 3rd agent accepted my SS#. In summary, I have been unhappy with Chase web access or customer service! BUT for 7 FREE nights on the beach in Italy and 2 nights across the street from the Vatican, I do think the frustration was worth it!

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