Why Do Pending Transactions Only Disappear from Chase Ink?


I use my Chase Ink for utilities and for AdWords. 5x for the former and 3x for the latter make it the best card to use for such purchases. Having said that, I do not like using my Chase Ink for every day spends. “Why?” you must ask. Because it is the only card I have where transactions go from visibly pending to disappearing before reappearing as posted activity. This is frustrating for two reasons: 1) The overall outstanding balance of the card goes up before the activity is posted. I use a budget app on my phone that is never in sync with Chase.com because of this discrepancy. 2) When promotions like Iberia’s come around and I am waiting to see if they went through, I have no way of knowing. I checked yesterday and did not see Iberia in the pending column. I checked today and it showed that Iberia had posted.

I do not understand why this is the only card that does this. None of the other Chase products do, and none of the other banks’ credit cards do either.

This really grinds my gears. How about you?

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  1. Same thing here… I don’t understand WHY. The backend system has to be the same as all their other cards… I do know this is one of the only Chase cards that authorized users get their own credit card number, but this can’t be the reason why???

    I use this card mainly for utilities such as AT&T… My AT&T bill more than pays for the yearly fee, but as someone who budgets and keeps track for pending and posted transactions like a hawk, this REALLY annoys me…

  2. This just happened to us with the Amex Sam’sClub offer. Pending, then gone for many days, then finally posted. Maybe it’s a vendor, not card, issue?

  3. I know why – to #*%& us up, that is why. I called and complained to Chase about this years ago. I wrote to Chase and complained about this years ago. My stance was – that the Sapphire card doesn’t misbehave this way so “why can’t you show pending transactions just like the other chase cards?” I never get a logical answer. So the answer must be, so we lose track of our purchases and keep spending. Love the card, hate the service.

  4. Yes! So weird! Called chase today because I thought they had cancelled my iberia charges (there were 10 charges rapidly after oneanother)….. they said they can see them on their end….

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