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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Food Poisoning in Paradise

The chills, the sweats, and the impromptu runs to the toilet is how I spent my Saturday in Sharm. I’m not going to go into detail about that situation. Instead, this is a travel advice post for avoiding food poisoning especially when you’re somewhere that’s supposed to be relaxing.

The rule is simple: make sure your hots are hots and your colds are colds. Beyond that hope that the kitchen is clean, drink bottled water, and avoid ice.

I have plenty of experience with food poisoning and curiosly none of it has come from street food. In Prague, a glass of bad milk had me wrapped around the toilet. In Atlanta, it was sushi baking in the hot sun that impaired my enjoyment of Michigan in the Final Four. In Siem Reap, a bad batch of ice had me in pain for two days. Ironically, before ordering a drink I took a pic of the menu which said ‘We use clean ice.’

When food poisoning strikes it paralyzes the body making you question if recovery is possible. I have mixed feelings about taking pills to combat food poisoning. Taking Cipro in Cambodia only brought me and the toilet closer together. Taking whatever they gave me here did the same. I’m guessing the logic behind these pills is to flush the system of the toxins. But in doing so, it creates the side-effect that it is supposed to prevent.

Food poisoning is no joke which is why you should stay paranoid wherever you eat. Interestingly enough, the suspected culprit of this round of food poisoning came from the best Egyptian restaurant in Sharm.

a-live and almost well, I now continue with my regular blogging.

Stay healthy my friends.





  1. I know the feeling – I got the curse of the Sharm Belly at the Radisson Resort – two days of feeling like death, and dreading the flight home!

    • Oh yes, that’s the feeling. I felt like I was in a hospital despite being in a fancy room. I don’t think I could go back, too many bad memories lol. And luckily I’m healthy today and my long haul is tomorrow.

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