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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Pho Darwin: Worst in the World

Pho Darwin is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Come to Darwin for the crocs (see Crocosaurus Cove: Swimming in THE CAGE OF DEATH!). Do not come for the pho. As a pho explorer, I put Sydney on my original list of one of the best places to get pho (see Pho Sho, Fu Uh Sho: The Top Ten Places to Get Pho!).

Darwin will not be on that list. Even underwhelming New York is better (see Pho No). Like pho in Warsaw (see Mama Pho Warsaw? More Like Mama Huhu), the bad pho was surprising because of the number of Vietnamese restaurants. For such a small city, there was an abundance of choices. The first was called My Friend’s Restaurant. It was the worst place I’ve ever eaten pho. It was so bad that I had one spoon of broth.  Then, I sat there for twenty minutes trying to figure out if I should ask for it to go so as to not offend the restaurateur or send it back so as to not offend myself. I opted for the latter. The waiter asked me if I ever had pho in Darwin. I said no and he said this is how it tastes. Apparently, pho in Darwin tastes terrible.

a plate of rice paper rolls
Bad spring rolls
a bowl of soup with vegetables and meat
The worst bowl in the world

Since there are no pho options near my home in Puerto Rico, I decided to try another pho restaurant. I should’ve listened to My Friend who warned that this is how pho tastes in Darwin. While it was not absolutely disgusting like his friend’s place, it was not good. For some reason they add ginger to the broth. That skews the taste. They also overcooked the beef.

a restaurant with tables and chairs
Not as bad, but far from great
a bowl of soup with meat and vegetables
Ginger powder? Yellow? No, no, no!

Craving pho when you’re in Darwin? Hop an a plane to Vietnam.



  1. This is entitled nonsense coupled with some A Grade victim playing. If you don’t like the food, don’t eat it, and if you feel like it you can tell the server why. No need to sit there and sulk for 20 minutes and then “send it back” like you’re in a soap opera.

  2. Given your review title, I thought that they added vegemite to the the pho. Worst in the world really takes work, so in a perverse way they should be proud.

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