Pho Sho, Fu Uh Sho: The Top Ten Places to Get Pho!


Phở or pho (pronounced variously as /fʌ/, /fə/, /fər/, or /f/ so please stop messaging me that it’s not pronounced pho! I get it, we all get it but choose to remain ignorant for the sake of levity. Get over the preoccupation with pronunciation and focus on the splendid intoxication that can only come after slurping bowl after bowl.

If you are in need of a guide of where to go, look no further than here for the recap that I will share. Ten places I explored of which you will never get bored.

Now let’s be on our way:

Here are the places pho is awful:

Now for the world tour of where pho is great per me, the Pho King:

I’m the Pho King and I approve this message

#10: Red Light Pho: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Right next to the organic coffee shops that line the streets and only steps away from the welcoming women of the skinny alley of the Red Light District is Amsterdam’s Chinatown.

#9: Trick or Treat? Hong Kong Pho Halloween: Hong Kong

I saw a welcoming, familiar sign that read: Pho- Delight Vietnamese Cuisine.

#8: Pho-Nix Hotness: Phoenix, Arizona 

What goes better with a broken thermostat than a hot bowl of pho? The answer is another bowl of pho.

#7: Pho Peace Summit: Shanghai, China 

Pho peace to prevail, I propose setting a meeting at the 7th best place in the world to get pho- Shanghai, China.

#6: Pho Tenderloin: San Francisco, California

WARNING: TPOL NO LONGER BELIEVES THIS IS TRUE. Pho Tenderloin may be #6 but Turtle Tower is now terrible.

#5: Pho-Sters, Australian for Beer: Sydney, Australia 

Sydney, Australia is one of those places everyone wants to visit. But I went down under for a more noble cause; I was in search of great pho.

#4: But for Pho, I’d Say Pho Boston: Boston, Massachusetts

Pho Boston for just about everything: Pho the Celtics, Pho the Red Sox, Pho the Bruins, and but for Tom Brady being a Wolverine I’d say Pho the Patriots.

#3: Thanks Pho the Memories Tdot: Toronto, Ontario

Next time you’re on your way out of Toronto make sure you stop by Pho Hung then a nap before making the journey home.

#2: Seattle SuperPhonics: Seattle, Washington 

I’ve been to China Towns all over from China to New York and hands down my favorite is the one in Seattle. They had amazing xiao long bao, great Japanese sake, delightful dim sum, and, above all, the best Pho in just about all of the world.

#1: Pho Ever My Lady, I Miss Saigon: All Over, Vietnam

To the shock of none, the best place in the world to get a bowl of pho is Vietnam. My favorite country in SE Asia and one of my favorite countries in the world is the birthplace of this breakfast food.



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